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iPhone 6s

iPhone 6S $20/month at T-Mobile – Not so Simple

I just wanted to clear up some misconceptions about T-Mobile’s new $20/month plan for the iPhone 6s:

  1. Yes, you can get the upgraded storage specs – you simply put $100 or $200 down on the phone before you begin the $20 payments each month depending on if you want the 64gb or 128gb respectfully. Your card will not be charged until the device is shipped.
  2. Yes, you can stop paying monthly before your 18 months are up. Tired of your payments? Cancel your plan, pay the remaining months, and send back your phone or pay the pay-off amount and keep your phone. You won’t get the $7 monthly bill credit this way, so you’ll end up paying full retail price for your phone, but if you decide to leave T-Mobile before the 18 months are up you do have a way out. If you stay the full 18 months, you’ll end up saving yourself $125 on the cost of the device by joining their Jump on demand leasing program (so long as you pay the pay-off amount at the 18 month mark so that you leave the program and own the device).
  3. Don’t like the phone or service in the first month? Take it back for a full refund. Seriously. 30 days and you can return it to T-Mobile for a 100% refund including any down payment you’ve made or any service costs you’ve paid for.
  4. Go to a T-Mobile store if you want to sign up. You cannot sign up for this plan over the phone unfortunately.

I hope this clears some things up for anyone considering these new plans from T-Mobile. Thanks to the new LTE and 700mhz support, my girlfriend and I preordered these yesterday after about an hour in the T-Mobile store. Hopefully your T-Mobile store experience is speedier than mine.