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New Motherboard Restarts After Reboot: Enable Power Loading

After booting my new Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 5 once, shutting down, and rebooting, my new home server was in trouble.

It just kept restarting.

It would power up for maybe 10 seconds, and shutdown. Power up again for another 5 seconds, and shut down again. All the meanwhile no PC speaker noises¬†(I actually harvested an old speaker from a long unused machine to test) and no motherboard display error codes (the Gigabyte motherboard I have actually has a two character 8 segment display). I thought maybe it was a problem with one of the components, the power supply was bad, or possibly something wasn’t seated properly (RAM, CPU, etc.), but none of those issues ended up being the case.

Instead, it seems as though the new motherboard and processor use so little power during boot up that it causes the power supply to shut off.

Enter, a new setting in the BIOS: “Power Loading”.

Power Loading, as described by Gigabyte, “enables or disables a dummy load. When the power supply is at low load, a self-protection will activate causing it to shutdown or fail. If this occurs, please set to Enabled.”

Awesome. Having “Power Loading” enabled keeps enough load on the power supply that when the motherboard and processor are being super efficient during POST, the computer doesn’t shut down.