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Delivery, From The Internet

There are a lot of things that I dreamt up as a child:

I really liked drawing fantastical cars with my fancy colored pencils my mom would buy me.
I liked imagining what computers would be like.
All games would be virtual reality  and amazing (I was roughly five years old).

Once the internet came around and we had CompuServe (we had others but CompuServe made it more “real” to me as a child), I was certain that “everything” would be on and done through the internet. I was young and didn’t quite have a concept of the logistics involved in ordering a house on the internet and having it delivered – but I was certain these sort of things would take place soon.

When computer shopping around the year 2000, we ended up going with a Gateway, and when it was delivered (after ordering online) it felt like my imaginative dreams were finally coming true. It was amazing to me that a 50+ pound package could be delivered for for such a low price (I think delivery was $50-$99?). My mom and I were both very relieved to have not had to deal with the pressuring sales people at CompUSA, Best Buy, or Computer Builders Warehouse and we were further astounded that our custom computer was delivered within a month.

This week we’re getting our new bed delivered and it’s coming from somewhere near Topeka, Kansas…from “the internet”.

It’s an entire bed, and it weighs at least 100 lbs; delivery was free.
While a bed isn’t quite a house, it is just an odd moment that has triggered me to reflect on the progression of my own technology usage in my lifetime.